Art On The Zoo Fence Rules

Exhibiting is a privilege, and with it comes a responsibility to follow the rules set forth by the Committee. Failure to do so will result in one verbal warning, one written warning, and then forfeiture of the opportunity to exhibit on the fence.


Art On The Zoo Fence is an organization dedicated to educating, informing, and encouraging art appreciation and providing a showcase for local artists to display their work and to dispense the “Spirit of Aloha” to visitors and locals. Art On The Zoo Fence is the organization that stages and maintains the exhibit. The governing body is the Liaison Committee/Board of Directors, which is elected by the permanent members each January. The Committee President will appoint any required replacements. The established bylaws are based upon the rules set forth by the Department of Parks and Recreation in order for the organization to receive a permit to operate. These rules are approved by a majority of the Board of Directors and are maintained by the President.


Participation and Membership: Anyone is welcome to participate, subject to these rules. Stand-by artists may exhibit if space is available. Artists become permanent members by paying quarterly dues and having an assigned space. Artists may show only their own work. No agents or sales persons are allowed. If an artist is unable to attend, his space will be forfeited for that day. Based on seniority, stand-by artists may become permanent members as space becomes available. Stand-by artists who fail to participate or contact the secretary for one month will be dropped from the list and will forfeit seniority. Permanent members who fail to pay in full after one month will lose membership and seniority. All members will provide current telephone numbers.


Weather permitting, all artists are expected to honor the Zoo Fence Show’s announced and posted hours of 9:00AM to 3:00PM

Dress and Conduct

Artists and their guests will dress appropriately for doing business. Artists will act professionally and respect customers and fellow artists. Artists will keep assigned spaces neat and orderly. Artists will not use mats on the ground for sitting or sleeping. Artists will not allow their children to disrupt others. No one should interrupt the other artists or block views of their works when they are speaking with clients. Examples of unacceptable conduct: leaving space for extended periods, showing a customer another artist’s work but not ”handing off” to that other artist, or removing another artists work from the fence.

Media Criteria

Each artist’s work should be an original expression. Prints will be identified as such on the front or next to the piece. Note cards are permitted but must be no larger than 5X7 inches, individually packaged and placed in a rack or bin, attached to the fence. Only works of art conceived entirely by the artist are allowed and all works must contain the artist’s signature. This includes paintings, drawings, photographs, and digital artwork. Mixed media collages will be subject to review. Work must be framed, matted, or gallery wrapped with the canvas stretched on the back of the artwork and the artwork continued onto the exposed sides. Nudes are not permitted. Copying another artist’s work is not only unprofessional, but may be copyright infringement. Crafts, including T-shirts, bookmarks, trinkets, etc. and three-dimensional work are not allowed. The Committee has final determination on suitability of display for all work.


  • Artwork may only be displayed in the assigned area.
  • Hanging from or attached to the fence.
  • In a suitable rack attached to the fence.
  • On A-frame pegboards or a display subject to Committee approval.
  • Matted pieces may be displayed in a standing rack abutting the fence that does not interfere with traffic flow.

Artwork may not be shown leaning against trees, bushes, cars, or any place other than the one described herein. Supplementary displays are subject to Committee approval and must be within the assigned spaces. Artists on the fence will set up their chairs, etc., aligned with the trees to create a walkway for guests to view artwork on the fence comfortably. Artists in the A-frame pegboard area will not display on the fence, and artists using the fence will not use pegboards. Up to four pegboards may be used per space. (Pegboard size is usually two feet by four feet with six-inch legs).

Licensing and Insurance

Artists will obtain a General Excise Tax License from the Department of Taxation, 830 Punchbowl Street, and are required to show it to the Secretary prior to participating. Artists are required to have their GE license with them while at the show. The Organization shall carry sufficient liability insurance as required by the Parks and Recreation Department. The committee will renew the operating permit annually.


Stand-by artist fees are $9.00 per day plus $1.00 for charity. Permanent members’ fees are $5.00 per day plus $1.00 for charity, due quarterly in advance, entitling them to an assigned space. Artists may share a space, but both must pay regular fees for the opportunity to exhibit. FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. The following members are exempt from the fees: President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the person in charge of flags and signs.

Space Assignment

A space is between two fence posts or a similar distance when using pegboards. Each artist is assigned one space and may show artwork only in that space. The Secretary will assign permanent spaces to permanent members based on seniority. Permanent members who cannot attend must notify the Secretary in advance. This allows placing stand-by artists. The Committee will take action when permanent members repeatedly fail to show up without notification. Spaces still empty by 9:00 AM will be forfeited and may be assigned by the Secretary, without regard to seniority. Artists unable to arrive by 9:00 AM but still desiring to exhibit must notify the Secretary. Permanent artists who fail to make arrangements and arrive after 9:00 AM may request an empty space from the Secretary. The Secretary has complete authority and final say on space assignments. Empty spaces detract from the appearance and break continuity so every effort will be made to fill all spaces. If all spaces are not filled by 9:00 AM artists may spread out at the discretion of the Secretary.

Member Duties

  • The President is responsible to the membership for promptly resolving all issues brought forward. He or she will maintain these rules and be involved with overall operations of the organization. The President will call meetings of the general membership when deemed necessary.
  • The Secretary ensures all artists have a General Excise Tax License, maintains a phone list, arranges for stand-bys to fill empty spaces, and assigns permanent members spaces. The Secretary will issue a copy of these rules to each artist prior to showing, provide phone lists to members each year and provide a current listing of artists to the Mayors Office of Culture and the Arts each year.
  • The Treasurer collects dues, keeps financial records, pays bills, conducts banking business and submits a quarterly financial report. The Treasurer must report all expenditures over $50.00 to the committee.
  • The Liaison Committee screens new artists, enforces the rules, approves artwork, and votes to make decisions regarding day-to-day operations of the organization.
  • A member will be responsible for setting up and taking down the signs and flags. Flags and signs will be put up as early as feasible and remain up during the advertised art show hours.


One liaison member is assigned to manage advertising and will seek the best rate on advertising approved by the Board of Directors. Members are encouraged to seek sources of free advertising for the good of the group. Members or stand-by artists may not advertise competing events while at the show.

Working at the Show

The process of creating art is interesting to the general public and highly encouraged at the show. Our exhibition is meant to be a learning experience for the public. Artists shall work in their assigned areas. Easels are for work in progress only, not for signs or displaying artwork. Workshops are not permitted.

Additional issues not covered by these rules or clarifications will be at the discretion of the Liaison Committee. Artists should raise concerns regarding Zoo Fence issues with the Committee. However, artists should not individually trouble the City and County Officials with Zoo Fence issues.

Benefits of Membership

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