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Become A Member

Creating Local Artist Support

Our ultimate goal is to create a sustainable and thriving art ecosystem in Hawaii, where artists can make a living from their work, and where the arts are valued and appreciated by all.

Benefits of Joining Art On The Zoo Fence

Here are several potential benefits for artists to display their art on the Zoo Fence in Waikiki on weekends:

Increased Exposure

The Zoo Fence location has high foot traffic from both tourists and locals, which means artists have the opportunity to showcase their work to a large audience. This can increase their art’s visibility and potentially new fans and customers.

Sales Opportunities

Because the Zoo Fence is a popular destination, artists may have the chance to sell their work directly to interested buyers. This could be particularly beneficial for emerging artists who may not have a lot of exposure or a large following yet.


The Zoo Fence is also great for networking with other artists and collaborating on future projects. Artists may also have the opportunity to meet curators or gallery owners who could help further their careers.

Practice Displaying Your Work

Displaying art on the Zoo Fence can be a good way for artists to practice exhibiting their work in a public setting. This can be helpful if they plan to participate in future exhibitions or shows.

Get Feedbacks

Artists may receive feedback from visitors to the Zoo Fence on their work, which can be helpful in refining their artistic style or identifying areas for improvement.

Overall, the Zoo Fence offers a unique opportunity for artists to gain exposure, sell their work, network, and receive feedback in a bustling and vibrant setting.

Full Membership Benefit Opportunities and Support

Once you pay for your Full Membership, you not only get your spot at a lower rate, but you become a member of Art On The Zoo Fence with more opportunities and support.

Publicity: As a member, you get free publicity and marketing through the Art On The Zoo Fence.

Opportunity: You will have the opportunity to create a display of you and your art with your website link, giving the guests that visit our site to reach you for artwork.

GET: To be a part of Art On The Zoo Fence you need your GET, we are providing the link to get you started ASAP

BookKeeping: We are also providing Bookkeeping services to help keep your GET updated and current.

Guide: Creating Art is easy, but creating an art business is another. We are here to help guide you and get you started on your journey.

Board: As a member, they can run for office to be on the board to help keep Art On The Zoo Fence thriving for local artists and the community.

"If any artist would put them self out there this fence could be an amazing training ground to work on your craft and watch it grow over time"


– J. Genus

Art On The Zoo Fence loves your support!

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