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Membership Package

Standby Membership

Standby Members only pay for the day they want to display (Saturday or Sunday) and are given a spot available on that day.


  • A Spot Available On That Day
  • Networking
  • Sales
  • Display Practice
  • Feedback From Visitors

$10 Per Day

(Only available on Saturday and Sunday)

Full Membership

Full Membership pays the discounted quarterly price plus gets full membership benefits listed below.


  • Networking Opportunity
  • Sales Opportunity
  • Display Practice
  • Feedback From Visitors
  • Your Profile Page On
  • Secured Spot At The Fence
  • Marketing Opportunities
  • Unlimited Publicity
  • Access information to Bookkeeping
  • Opportunity To Run For Board Office and Vote

$156 Quarterly*

(Assigned Spot Every Saturday and Sunday)
* Discounted Deal

$78 Quarterly

(Choose One Day : Saturday or Sunday per week)

Full Membership Benefits and Support

Once you pay for your Full Membership, you not only get your spot at a lower rate, but you become a member of Art On The Zoo Fence with more opportunities and support.

Publicity: As a member, you get free publicity and marketing through the Art On The Zoo Fence.

Opportunity: You will have the opportunity to create a display of you and your art with your website link, giving the guests that visit our site to reach you for artwork.

GET: To be a part of Art On The Zoo Fence you need your GET, we are providing the link to get you started ASAP

BookKeeping: We are also providing Bookkeeping services to help keep your GET updated and current.

Business Guide: Creating Art is easy, but creating an art business is another. We are here to help guide you and get you started on your journey.

Board: As a member, they can run for office to be on the board to help keep Art On The Zoo Fence thriving for local artists and the community.

Important Registration Requirements

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I appreciate your interest. Please get in touch with us to request to become a member. Membership requirements must be met. Please provide us with your contact information so we can contact you to start the process.

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